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Civil War Swords and Straps

     Our sword straps, hangers are made of high quality 8-10 oz. bridle leather as close to period as
     possible and all hardware is solid brass - so no rust.  They are designed to fit on any belt up to
     2 1/4 inches wide.  They can be easily slid onto the belt or permanently riveted to the belt.  Brass
     snaps can be removed for user to provide the snaps of his preference.

                                 Sword Straps/Hangers

                        Brown  No. 1157                                                         Black  No. 1167

         Sword/saber straps with snaps hooks to attach your blade of choice.  Includes snaps and 'J' hook
         for hanging your sword when standing.  Available in Brown or Black leather with all brass rivets
         and hardware.  Period correct.
                                                          Price:  $42.00 

                           White leather sword straps/hangers with brass or stainless steel hardware.
                       Please specify upon purchase which hardware you prefer.

                              White  No. 1187        Price:  $58.00

                                        Sword Belt  and Straps Combo Unit

                     Black  No. 1160                                                        Brown  No. 1150

          Civil War gun belt with US or CS buckle (buyer's choice) in brown or black leather.  All leather with
          brass buckle, rivets, and hardware.  Belt includes regulation length sword 
hangers fully adjustable
          by owner and are removable.  Hangers include 'J' hook for hanging sword while standing.  Fits up
          to 48" waist.  For larger waist add $8.

                                                      Price:  $68.00    


                     Neutral  No. 1170                                                White  NO. 1180

              Price:  $68.00                               Price:  $78.00



             Confederate Civil War Cavalry Officer's sword with etched blade, leather
             scabbard, and available in silver or gold handle.  Includes nice gift box. 

                                                  Price:  $60.00

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