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     All our Civil War Buckles and leather hardware items are solid brass.  We expect these
     items to be used for a long time and we believe that our clients do not want buckles
     and hardware items which will rust.  Unless stated otherwise, be comfortable with the
     fact that all metal items we supply for Civil War and western belts are solid brass.

   CS Confederate Belt      US Union Belt
   Buckle.  Fits up to          Buckle.  Fits up 
   1.5" wide belt.               to 1.5" wide belt.

   Product No.  4001
                                                                                                     Product No.  4002
   Price:  $8.00                                                        Price:  $8.00


  Solid Brass Snake Teeth CS Buckle                    $12.50                  Solid Brass Snake Teeth US Buckle
              Product No. 4003                                                                                        Product No. 4004


olid Brass 2 Piece Spoon US Buckle          $18.00           Solid Brass 2 Piece CS Buckle
                          Product No. 4005                                                                    Product No. 4006


      Solid Brass 2 piece square Eagle and Wreath
      Civil War Officer's belt buckle.  This buckle
      will fit up to a 1.5" wide belt.  It has silver inlay
      on the wreath.

       Product No. 4007

       Price:     $18.00

     Chicago screws (brass).
     Sold in sets of 2 per bag.

     Product No. 01190
      Price:  $1.50 


  Brass 'J' Hook for            Belt Keepers
  sword hanger.                 Black or Brown


  Product No. 01191
                                                                           Product    No. 01192
  Price:  $6.00                                                       Price:  $2.50  


     Canteen Strap
     Harness leather quality and thickness
      with brass buckle.  Overall length 76".

Also available in BROWN.

     Product No.  01168 
                                Price:  $19.50  

    Sam Brown Shoulder Strap
for gun or sword belt, haversack, or other
     utility/possibles bag. Brass Sam Brown
     buckle and snap hooks.  Black or
     brown/russett color choice.

                Price:  $32.50

   Product No. 01159                                                                                                     Product No. 01169
              Brown                                                                                                                          Black

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