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Southern Comfort Mercantile will list resources and informational websites which have the most historically correct information and history on the Civil War, as well as, calendar of events and contact information for same.  We do a lot of research for historically correct pictures and documents that relate to our products to show the period correct items that soldiers of the 1860's wore and used in day to day life during the battle.  If you know of a good link of Civil War information, please send it to us for inclusion on this page.


Trivia Question:  What was the last state to ratify the 13th Amendment to the Constitution outlawing slavery, the year of ratification, and what year was it finally certified by the Federal government?

Answer:    Mississippi originally voted down ratifying the 13th Amendment in December 1865, but did ratify it in the state legislature March 16, 1995; however, it was not officially delivered to and certified by the Federal government until February 7, 2013.  This made Mississippi the last state to ratify and certify the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. 


The Civil War Reenactor's Headquarters for Civil War
Reenactment Battle Schedules, Military Units, Sutlers, & Other Information

The Civil War Traveler
- an excellent source of information on Civil War events and places to visit

Comprehensive List of Civil War Reenactment Units (most up-to-date list we could find)

Civil War Home  - a large selection of information and links to the Civil War history, battles, and people.

Index of Civil War Information on the Internet  - largest index of internet sites we have ever seen.

Guns of the Civil War  - excellent link with list of all the Civil War guns, pistols, cannons, etc.

Timeline of Events Leading to the American Civil War

The Civil War Home Page - Timeline Leading Up To Civil War

Military History Online  -  excellent article on General Bedford Forrest

Overview of 1860 Census by State - The Civil War Home Page  -  Results from the 1860 Census

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